Offering Kids a World Of Their Own

Leap’s state-of-the-art facility is carefully designed to awaken each child’s unique senses, by providing interactive environments aimed at stimulating Leapers’ physical and intellectual abilities


Leap’s innovative design concept stems from a solid belief that each child holds a restless curiosity to explore their environment, which is key in shaping their overall development and unique outlook on the world. By putting ourselves in our Leapers’ shoes, we’ve created a comprehensive world scaled to respect children’s visual angles, mobility and reachability. By doing so, we ensure to provide an empowering world that not only embraces kids’ physical, intellectual and moral abilities, but also nurtures them to develop further.


By studying the effects of the physical environment and its direct impact on a child’s development, Leap pioneers in introducing the Morphing concept in designing its facility. Morphing allows for a flexible environment that can be easily and regularly altered to recreate different open spaces, fit for a variety of activities. Accordingly, children’s senses are stimulated each time to explore their new surroundings, feeling that they’ve stepped into a whole new world with every class.

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