Where Every Child is the Center of Leap’s Little Universe

Leap adopts a 360° developmental framework to surround children with professional and competent educators, who have direct channels of communication with parents to ensure that every Leaper is the focus of its little universe

Teachers’ Development Framework

Teachers play a vital role in every child’s development and so, their ongoing development comes at the forefront of Leap’s operations and selection criteria. Accordingly, we’ve set a structured knowledge foundation spanning across essential skills such as; leadership, professional conduct and competency to ensure your child receives the best of education and emotional care.


  • Showing genuine interest in students
  • Acting as a roll model (dress & behavior)
  • Showing respect
  • Interface with parent

Organization & Planning

  • Keeping up-to-date records
  • Planning class activities
  • A typical day at school
  • Report-writing
  • Lesson Plans overview

First Aid
& Wellness

  • First Aid overview
  • Physical Wellness
  • Emotional Wellness
  • Spiritual Wellness
  • Mental Wellness

Instructional Delivery

  • Presentation techniques
  • Logical sequencing
  • Avoiding destractions
  • Encouraging questions
  • Time management


Families’ Engagement Framework

Leap’s entrenched belief that development is an ongoing journey drives it to reach out to families to play an integral role in Leapers’ ongoing progress. Therefore, we’ve set a solid foundation of knowledge for families to effectively and transparently engage with our educators, collaborating on a variety of key developmental spectrums to guarantee families also develop with Leapers to become educators at home.

Our families’ engagement plan will offer:

One-to-One services:

A personalized & special service offered to the family from qualified & internationally accredited practitioners. Our counselors and parenting consultants will help you overcome your family challenges in a confidential and personalized setting.


With today’s pressing needs, step into our wellness program where you can experience physical, mental, spiritual & emotional management activities


Group Activities / Services:

Designed for the family to develop and engage in the community in a group setting, we will together be making a positive impact on other people’s lives.

Education & awareness:

Our education corner will offer a variety of topics perceived as vital to the welfare of the family in Egypt.


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