Eating Healthy for Life

Leap believes that nutrition is essential to stabilize Leapers’ energies and minds.


Nutrition is essential to stabilize children’s energy, sharpen their minds and even out their moods. By partnering with the best child nutritionists in town, Leap provides tailor-made healthful meals to encourage positive eating habits without turning mealtimes into battle zones. Our specialized consultants teach children to listen to their natural preference for foods, taking on the challenge to make healthy alternatives appealing. Through integrative gardening and cooking activities, children experience balanced meals first-hand helping them to rule out unhealthy options at any time. By customizing balanced dietary plans based on medical/allergy conditions, we make a huge impact on your child’s lifelong relationship with food to grow into healthy and confident adult.


Leap’s Restaurant is a world-class, hygienic facility ensuring meal times are a healthy celebrated occasion. By teaming up with top nutritionists in town, we’ve crafted a healthy and balanced menu that gives your child all the energy they need for a busy day of play, learning and development. Our menu offers wholesome, vitamin-rich meals that focus on increasing your child’s intake of fruits, vegetables and whole grains. We ensure to offer calcium-rich recipes to build strong bones and offer nutritious treats that limit sodium and sugars. Mealtimes at Leap are sociable occasions where we encourage good manners and food etiquette, while promoting independence by motivating children to feed themselves.

Child Psychology

Leap’s development hub partners with leading child psychologists to journey with Leapers through emotional wellness, offering one to one care to help them cope with any challenges they might face at home or in life


Children are the heart of the future, therefore Leap puts their emotional stability and mental health at the forefront of its operations to ensure raising a well-balanced and adjusted child who can grow beyond daily limits. By partnering with leading child psychologists, Leap guarantees to offer a safe haven that promotes self-expression, dealing with issues and coping with any obstacles or challenges children might face at home or in their daily lives. Our psychologists schedule weekly visits to monitor Leapers’ overall development and spend one on one time with kids needing adjustment.


They also ensure to keep open channels with parents, so they journey with their child through their emotional wellness and full development.


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