An Educational System Celebrating Individuality not Conformity

Leap’s Pre-school has carefully tailored a curriculum using the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Framework that not only stimulates children’s minds but, also empowers them to explore their physical abilities, express their feelings and early interests.

Educational Development “Pre-school”

Leap’s distinguished pre-school offers a versatile “teacher-directed” and an emergent “child-directed” curriculum, committed to deliver exceptional standards of early child care and learning with an uncompromising approach to world-class quality and safety, essential to foster the growth of a happy and well – rounded learner. Focusing on 5 main pillars, Little Leapers are expected to develop their communication skills, self-acknowledgement, physical development, social and emotional intelligence, as well as learning about the world around them.

By adopting the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Framework , Little Leapers are surrounded with 9 theme based interactive environments that help them develop at their own pace through a practical “learning by doing” method. Stimulating “play and peer interaction” provides preschoolers with essential tools designed to enhance critical thinking, so children can make their own personal discoveries and express their hypotheses about the world around them.

Building Strong Relationships

Leap is the first pre-school in Egypt adopting the Leader-in-Me program to introduce the principles of leadership and effectiveness to the day to day educational and entertainment process.


Leap is welcoming kids on board starting 3 months to 4 years old with two sections; English and French.

Why Leap Pre-school?

  • Every child is a unique child
  • Strength and independence are developed through positive relationships
  • Children’s senses are triggered and exploration is encouraged
  • Children develop and learn in different ways and at different rates

Little Leapers will also enjoy a colorful array of top-notch services that include:

Nourishing Meals:

Leap’s specialized nutritionists provide little leapers with three healthy and wholesome meals, prepared with the freshest ingredients and energy boosting nutrients essential for your child’s body and mind. Leap serves breakfast, lunch and a healthy snack offered in scheduled times.

An Open Interactive Space:

Rolling out on 2000 Sqm, Leap’s interactive space provides a safe, nurturing environment giving Little Leapers the confidence they need to learn in a hands-on and experiential way. Each detail is designed to awaken your child’s senses, allowing development of character and discovery of personal interests. Little Leapers are provided with the tools necessary to learn about who they are, what they like and dislike and how to express their needs.

Child psychology:

By partnering with leading child psychologists, Leap guarantees to offer a safe haven that promotes self-expression, dealing with issues and coping with any obstacles or challenges children might face at home or in their daily lives. Our psychologists schedule weekly visits to monitor Leapers’ overall development and spend one on one time with kids needing adjustment. They also ensure to keep open channels with parents, so they journey with their child through their emotional wellness and full development.

What are our expectations from Little Leapers?

Helpful Hands

We expect our Little Leapers to use their hands to help one another while discouraging the use of hands to hurt each other




Seeing Eyes

We expect our Little Leapers to look at someone who is speaking to them. This will ensure that they are paying attention and acknowledging the speaker. Seeing eyes are also important for the children to absorb the world around them and be aware of what lies ahead.

Listening Ears

We expect our Little Leapers to listen to others. Listening is important for following directions and is necessary in guiding children’s behavior. We shape attentive listeners who are able to decode daily messages from the world around them.

Honest Mouths

We expect our Little Leapers to be honest with each other and with their surrounding communities. We teach them to always speak the truth while knowing it is key in attaining what they need.


Guided Feet

We guide our Little Leapers’ feet to help them with the direction they want to take in their exploration. We teach them how to control the movement of their feet so as not to hurt others (kicking). We also guide them where and when to run and walk in order to play safely.

Loving Heart

Our Leap community encourages our Little Leapers to love themselves and their community. A child must build a strong sense of self-worth and confidence in order to demonstrate kindness when dealing with others.


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