Leap’s development hub puts Leapers’ cognitive development at the forefront of its activities, partnering with leading IT programs that give your child access to innovative technologies to turn their virtual dreams into a constructive reality

Brain O Brain

Today’s Leaper…. Tomorrow’s Leader
Leap’s development hub partners with one of the world’s leading children Institutes, offering courses that foster self-empowerment and communication to turn Leapers into future leaders

Leap strongly believes that every child is born an infinite potential, awaiting to be nurtured to conquer the future. Therefore, we’ve partnered with Brainobrain, India; one of the world’s leading Children Institutes for Self Empowerment.
With an expertise spanning across 25 countries around the world and over 850 global franchises, Brainobrain’s leadership programs have transformed the lives of 1,00,000 children around the world. Today, it is your child’s turn to discover the leader in him/her!


A unique skill development program aimed at nurturing Leapers’ brains to develop some of the foundation skills for learning (including Memory, Visualization, Concentration, Listening Skills, Learning Ability, Creativity, Self Confidence, Speed & Accuracy)
Course Benefits :
  • Enables Leapers to use both the left & right brain hemispheres, ensuring whole brain development & proper mental formation
  • Enables Leapers to specialize in arithmetic, visual & numerical skills.
  • Develops concentration, memory, imagination, listening skills, learning ability, visualization, confidence, decision making, creativity, thinking skills, leadership qualities, communication skills, speed, accuracy
  • Empowers Leapers to express themselves
  • Promotes problem-solving skills, morality and cooperation
  • Educates Leapers about role models & supports them in modeling.
  • Uncovers hidden potential like creative thinking, imagination while enriching motor, language, cognitive skills ensuring mental sharpness


NLP is the science of understanding how we think to help increase our choices in achieving what we want in life. The program is carefully designed for children to understand themselves and voluntary change to improve their personality to grow as future leaders in only five days.
Course Benefits :
  • Helping Leapers understand their minds to continuously take responsibility for happenings around them and to continuously learn from that.
  • Building the foundation skills of leadership
  • Learning the world’s most modern concepts of communication and to connect respectfully with each and every person in their lives to get what they want.
  • Learning about their patterns of excellence to nurture them in a way where they are celebrated as models of excellence, where ever they go.
  • Learning how to use language to influence others all the time on a win-win basis.
  • Learning about modern methods of Goal Setting

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