By partnering with award-winning art schools, Leap offers engaging courses designed for Leapers from different age groups to express their uniqueness and imaginative minds through creative works

Arts & Crafts

Painting a Brighter Future
Art is an essential building block in any child’s healthy development, working to stimulate their imaginative minds, while giving them a creative outlet to express their individuality.

At Leap, children of different ages will be encouraged to work with colors, to create unique artworks that fulfill their sense of self-achievement. We aim to strengthen our Leaper’s fine motor skills and promote desirable self-control and patience through creative works, vital in raising a confident, well-balanced child.


By partnering with Asho Art Academy, Leapers are taught traditional techniques and encouraged to use their skills to make vital contemporary art. As such, the Academy serves as a creative and intellectual center for all artists dedicated to highly-skilled, conceptually aware figurative and representational art.


  • Age groups: 5-8 & 9-12
  • Course name: Basics of Drawing

Developing With Every Beat
Leap partners with leading music academies offering an array of courses to familiarize Leapers’ minds with rhythms and melodies, making them better adjusted in themselves

Music is a wonderful conduit for learning and when paired with instrument play, it lights up your child’s brain positively impacting all areas of their development. That’s why Leap has partnered with Soft Melody Arts Academy for children to experience music, stimulating different patterns of brain development.


From playing the Piano, guitar and violin to joining a choir, your child will engage in movement, rhythm and vocal activities necessary to develop far more than just music skills. The Academy familiarizes children’s minds with rhythms and melodies, making them more balanced and better adjusted in themselves. They’ll learn to work in orchestrated teams not only to express themselves, but also acquire leadership skills.

Our program is carefully designed to:

  • Boost your child’s brain power
  • Improve your child’s memory
  • Encourage self-expression
  • Act as a confidence builder
  • Develop social skills and team spirit

A Universal Form of Self Expression
Leap’s development hub offers a variety of performing art courses to help Leapers grow as expressive performers, as well as successful individuals in school and life

Pretend play is an essential stage in any child’s development where imagination takes over, allowing them to be anything they desire. Therefore, Leap has partnered with Be Inspired to carefully design developmental performing art courses where children of different ages can express their ideas and feelings by acting out.


Through a wide range of performance based skills such as storytelling, speech exercises, expressive poetry, characterization, dance and movement, singing, working from stimuli and creating an original story, Leapers will not only grow as performers but also, as successful individuals in school and life. At the end of each project, family and friends will be invited to attend a performance evening to see all that students have achieved.

Our Drama courses help in:

  • Building Confidence, enhancing critical thinking and boosting concentration
  • Developing language and communication skills
  • Developing social intelligence through cooperation, commitment and teamwork
  • Developing emotional intelligence through expression
  • Assisting physical development
  • Nurturing creativity and exposure to different cultures and experiences
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